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How You Can Create Instant Authority, Credibility And Guru Status So People Trust, Listen And Buy From You........  Guaranteed.

Even if you have no idea where to begin, have nothing to offer or have struggled with this type of stuff in the past!

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Dear Friend,

If you've ever wanted to learn what it takes to become a guru that others trust and buy from then take 5 minutes to read this important letter.

People often ask me this one question.
"If You Had To Start Over From Scratch - With Absolutely Nothing- What Would You Do First?"
The answer is very simple.

In fact, it's the same answer I give to my high paying coaching clients..

Create Guru Status.

With guru status, sales  and marketing become much easier.

Without it, you'll find yourself asking questions like:
“Why don’t I get the breaks that deserve?”

"My product or service is good so why won't anyone buy it?"

“People say they want to work with me but for some reason they don’t”.

“My business is good but it never seems to go to that next level that I see so many people operating at”.

Listen I get it.

They say hard work pays off.

They say that as long as you're persistent, dedicated and passionate everything will work itself out.

And many times this is true.

But there are also many times when it's just plain NONSENSE.

Because what about the people that have none of those attributes but still seem to get ahead?

What is it that makes them different?

What's the game-changer?

When it comes to the strategy of influence there is one essential element that makes you untouchable, it’s called Guru status.

Guru status is like having a license to sell, speak your mind and pretty much do whatever you want (as long as it’s not illegal or immoral or anything like that).

It allows you to attract more friends, fans and customers all while doing less.

It’s a popularity label that makes you desirable.

And it’s the main difference between people who do well vs. people who do insanely well.

One of the most fundamental laws of influence is social validity.

It works like this.

When a group of people are unsure of what to do or think in a certain situation they typically look to see what the majority of other people think or do.

Now, as a Guru you’re basically like a celebrity in your niche.

And celebrities are looked up to and admired by large groups of people.

So here’s how this phenomenon works.

You attain Guru status and your perception among people instantly becomes more favorable.

As more people see this, your perception becomes even more favorable.

Eventually your reputation as Guru takes on life a of it’s own and it begins to precede you.

In other words, people begin to to admire and respect you before they even really know you.

And that’s when the real magic happens.
  • Imagine people liking and admiring you before they even speak to you.
  • Imagine people seeking you out and wanting to pay you just because of your name.
  • Imagine having more opportunities than you know what to do with simply because of who you are
Well this is exactly what happens when you attain Guru status.

Take the Kardashians for example. You know that family that's on TV.

Super famous.

Filthy rich.

Clothing lines, TV shows and all kinds of crazed media attention.

And for what?

For being famous.

They’re basically famous for being famous.

Listen, I'm not saying you have to like these women.

I'm not saying that they're doing anything admirable.

But what I am saying is something that cannot be disputed because it is FACT.

These people are sought out by others, have more resources, opportunities and money than they know what to do with simply because they are celebrities.

Imagine how your life would change if you could become a celebrity in your chosen area.

Now I know what you're thinking.

"OK Paul, I understand how social proof and having Guru status work but how to I attain Guru status to begin with?"

Maybe you have no product or service.

Maybe you think you have nothing of value to offer.

Maybe you think you're just plain uninteresting and most people couldn't care less about who you are.

Maybe you're an "Average Joe" (or Josephine) who has absolutely no idea where to begin.

Guess what?


Because as I said in the beginning of this conversation, this letter solves these problems.

Let me explain.

In case you don't know who I am, my name is Paul Mascetta.

And prior to running multiple six figure a year businesses from the comfort of my own home by teaching people the strategy of influence that took me nearly 20 years to develop, I was a professional copywriter for some of the biggest names on the Internet.

I've worked with the likes of  Dr. Joe Vitale, Steve G. Jones, Dr. Joe Rubino and many more.

In laymens terms my job was to make a product that my client created and make it sell like wild fire.

To do this, I created marketing campaigns and "sales letters" like the one you're reading right now.

I injected each letter and campaign with all of the techniques and strategies that I learned which make up the psychology of persuasion.

And one the most important (if not THEEE most important) strategy was that of creating Guru status in the marketing.

So in short my job was to create Gurus.

I’ve done this for clients and I’ve done it for myself.
It's Possible To Start With Absolutely Nothing
A few years back, after years of studying the psychology of influence and persuasion and all things related to the power of effective communication I decided I wanted to teach others how to do the same.

I wanted to get into the business of teaching people my approach to persuasion.

And I wanted to get paid to do it.

But guess what?

No one know who I was.

Sure, I had written million dollar campaigns and was the secret weapon behind a few sales letters that literally brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few days and catapulted certain people into stardom.

But the general public didn’t know that.

For all they knew I was just some guy in a suit with a New York accent.

I knew that I needed to manufacture Guru status in the shortest amount of time possible or my new venture as a influence/persuasion coach would take a really long time to get off the ground.

So that’s exactly what I did.

I took everything I’d learned over the years and began putting together a strategy that would elevate me to Guru status almost instantly.

The results.

In the first week of my official launch in my new role I was able to generate a following of almost 60,000 email subscribers, generated over $200,000 in sales of my product and instantly had a tribe of followers seeking me out.

I went from being a nobody to a world class influence/persuasion Guru in about 7 days.

I suddenly had people emailing me offering me all kinds of new opportunities.

I had customers emailing me asking for private coaching willing to pay thousands for my expertise.

I was even able to build a YouTube subscriber base of over 16,000 people without really doing anything.
And the good news is I documented every single step along the way and packed into something called..
The Guru Code Video Training Course
The Complete Course On How To Become A Trusted Guru That People Trust, Listen To And Buy From.

Includes one PDF 10 Video Modules & 10 Audio Modules

Here's What You Will Learn:
Module One – The Foundational Mind Set
  • How to identify the hidden gold that you already posses which can be marketed and sold for a profit (even if you think you have absolutely nothing to offer).
  • The Key to finding that “sweet spot” where what you have offer meets with a crowd of people that are seeking it and willing to pay for it.
  • The six major areas where you can profit as a recognized expert.
  • ​The two key ingredients that create the expert persona and cause people to trust, listen and buy from you.
  • ​The three different types of expert profiles you can choose from so you are working in an environment that feels natural and relaxed to you.
Module Two – Developing The Expert Presence
  • How to gain complete control over the image you project so you gain a substantial advantage over your competitors.
  • Five simple but powerful posture techniques that project confidence and power so people respect and listen to what you have to say.
  • The “power signals” that you can use to subliminally influence the minds of others to recognize you as a trusted power figure.
  • ​The different levels of volume you can use when speaking with others and when to use or avoid each to create the highest level o connection and credibility.
  • ​The secret to merging the power of authority with the trust of being approachable so people seek out your value but are not intimidated by you.
Module Three – Creating Your Personal Brand
  • How to gain complete control over the image you project so you gain a substantial advantage over your competitors.
  • Five simple but powerful posture techniques that project confidence and power so people respect and listen to what you have to say.
  • The “power signals” that you can use to subliminally influence the minds of others to recognize you as a trusted power figure.
  • ​The different levels of volume you can use when speaking with others and when to use or avoid each to create the highest level o connection and credibility.
  • ​The secret to merging the power of authority with the trust of being approachable so people seek out your value but are not intimidated by you.
Module Four – Marketplace Domination
  • How to establish an online presence as a trusted authority.
  • How to “blog the easy” way which causes people to seek the help and value that you offer.
  • The key to utilizing the power of other more established people to build build your own brand.
  • ​Ten different avenues you choose from to become a powerful source of information that people value.
  • ​“Elevator Pitch” and how you can use it to create a powerful perception of yourself and your brand.
Module Five - Subject Matter Mastery
  • My simple ten step process for choosing your area of mastery and packaging it in a way that sells.
  • The key to figuring out which part of your subject area people will value most so you don’t waste time trying to sell them things they don’t want.
  • The one thing you simply must do (which supersedes everything else you will do) which will solidify your role as the Guru that people turn to for help.
  • ​How to leverage the power of the expertise of others to fuel your own success as an expert.
  • ​The three values you simply must have in order to create successful following and business as an expert, guru or authority figure.
Module Six - Subconscious Buying Triggers
  • The eight essential elements to to any effective sales message and how to implement and apply them to your personal offer.
  • How to instantly capture your target’s attention so they’re ready and open to what you have to offer.
  • The key questions that reside in your target’s mind that you must be able to answer in order to get them to buy into your premise.
  • ​A powerful subliminal trigger that causes your target to desire what you have to offer even before they know what it is.
  • ​The secret to overcoming your target’s potential resistance or objections without being combative so they feel comfortable moving forward.
Module Seven - Credibility Creation
  • My single most effective and easiest method of gaining instant credibility so people trust and respect you within seconds of hearing your name.
  • How to amplify your message so that it has the best chance of going viral and eaten up by the largest crowd possible.
  • My personal template for finding and persuading an army of affiliates and alliances that help spread your message and promote your offers.
  • ​How to create instant value, content and credibility while someone else does the majority of the work (This is not manipulative or coercive in any way. In fact, they will love the entire process).
  • ​How to leverage the power of other branded, reputable and trusted Gurus in your niche.
Module Eight - Operation Auto Profit
  • How to create a platform that works for you as opposed to you working for it so that you reap the most amount of rewards while still having the time to do the things that matter most to you.
  • How break free from the false sense of security that you’re psychologically programmed to think a typical 9-5 job provides and instead use your talent, experience and knowledge to create a business that people value and in invest money into.
  • The key to finding the magical spot where you are able to do the tasks that you enjoy while others take care of the menial tasks that you hate. This alone will grow your productivity and bank account exponentially.
  • ​How to identify the 20% of customers, business ideas, products and business decisions that bring in 80% of the profits.
Module Nine - Expansion
  • How to build your expertise and empire by transitioning from a Guru to a thought leader in your field.
  • The bold secret to moving your ideas and thoughts forward so that your transcend all cultures creeds and races.
  • How to take your distill your life experiences and craft them as universal life lessons that inspire others.
  • ​How to protect your intellectual property so that it remains safe.
  • ​The key to ensuring that you don’t burn out or get tired of the creation process so you never lose your relevance.
Module Ten - The Money Map
  • Six ways to easily and effectively monetize your knowledge and experience.
  • Three ways to monetize and popularize yourself as a speaker.
  • The most profitable way to monetize your knowledge by simply talking to people.
  • ​Five simple steps to creating a six figure Guru empire.
  • ​Four things you need to do that amplify your marketing to the thousandth degree.
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Free Bonus #1 - My Personal Website Walk-Through ($97 Value)

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Yes Paul. Count Me In!
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There's no reason to wait any longer.

If you want to learn to the ultimate shortcut to persuading others, this is it.

Order your copy of the Guru Code now.

Talk soon,

Paul Mascetta

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List Price $147 Today's Price $47 (Instant $100 Discount)