Stop Making Things Hard For Yourself & Do What All Power Players Do...

"Leverage The Strengths & Abilities of Others to Increase Your Success & Power"
Dear Friend,

If you feel like you've been beating your head against the wall trying to get ahead in life and can't figure out why you keep failing....regardless of how how hard you work, then take five minutes to read this short letter.

Here’s the deal.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Most of what you think it takes to get ahead in life is completely WRONG.

The general public, society and authority figures have you fooled.

They’ve lead to believe that it’s your education, talents, experience, work ethic and persistence that gets you the golden egg.

But that’s incomplete.

You see, all of those things are important but they make up only a fraction of what it takes to achieve success.

Here’s why: You could be the smartest, most educated, talented person in the world who has the ability to male miracles but if you don’t have the connections to capitalize off of those attributes then you’re in a lot of trouble.

Realize this, no one – and I mean no one – has ever achieved anything great on their own.

Steve Jobs; creator of Apple (I’m sure you’ve heard of him) had “Mike” Markkula, Jr.

He was the guy that jobs convinced to lend him $250,000 to get his little known company Apple off the ground.

Mark Zuckerbeg who owns Facebook had Peter Thiel who was the first investor of Facebook contributing $500,000.

Oprah Winfrey had Dennis Swanson, the program director who hired her to host AM Chicago.

In her own words she said "there might never have been an Oprah Show without him".

The point?

All of these people were genius visionaries and innovators who changed the world but they still needed the help of someone else.

They needed someone to do the stuff they couldn't do.

These people were their support systems.

They gave them the breaks, money and resources they needed.

And here's the reality.
Without The Consistent Support of Others
You Will Fail
They – like everyone else on this planet – needed access to the key players that have the power to change everything.

Perhaps you know those key players in your life, career or business.

You know that if you could just get those people and get 2 minutes of their time, your life would be much different.

Perhaps it’s your personal life where you yearn for camaraderie.

Regardless of what your situation may be one thing is for sure…you need the help of other people.

Without it, life is just so much harder.
Here’s The Big Problem
The big problem with this reality is that people either aren’t aware of it or they simply aren’t trained to build an alliance.

They don’t teach you this stuff in school.

The universal education system simply doesn’t focus on human communication and relationship building.

It’s no wonder so many people wind up out of business, unemployed, broke and lonely.

It’s because they were never trained in the art of leading others.

Imagine what your career would be like if you could get your team to enthusiastically do what they’re supposed to do and follow through on their commitments.

Image what your business would be like if you could locate and influence the key players that could give you access to the resources that you need to become successful.

Imagine what your personal life would be like if you could surround yourself with loyal people who genuinely enjoy your company and presence.

Now imagine for a second that there was a formal step by step course that trained you in the art of influence as it pertains to building this powerful inner circle of alliances.

And imagine if it was broken down in a format that was so easy to understand and apply that even  a 10 year old could do it.
The Alliance Code Video Training Course

(Includes 10 video modules, 1o audios & PDF transcription.)

Here's What You Will Learn:
  • One tiny tweak that you can make to the way that you smile at others that completely mesmerizes them and lowers their guard making them open to you and your message.
  • The “Glued Eyes” technique and how you can use it to draw out feelings of respect and affection from others by simply looking at them
  • The “Boss Profile” and how to use it to exude confidence when in the presence of others (even if you’ve never been the boss of anyone or anything in your life).
  • The “Warm Glow” and how you can use it to make people feel exclusive and special so they desire to be in your presence more than anyone else in the world.
  • The “Credibility Code” and why this essential piece of the puzzle can either make or break your sphere of influence.
  • How to break into a tight knit crowd of people that you wish to influence and get your message heard and accepted.
  • The “Parroting Technique” and how you can use it to never find yourself in an awkward silence situation.
  • The Art of Power Speech and how learning what questions not to ask and instead using a more hypnotic approach can position you as a power player.
  • The key to always having the right answers on hand when someone asks you a question so you seem prepared, confident and ready to accept opportunities.
  • A sneaky little trick to always sounding smarter than you really are so people never underestimate you.
  • How to handle questions that you don’t want to answer so that you don’t become vulnerable but at the same time appear to be respectful and intelligent.
  • How to create subliminal rapport using The Echoing Technique so that people naturally feel drawn to and comfortable around you.
  • Phone call mastery and how you can use it to get people to call you back, pass through gatekeepers and master your conversations.
  • The one thing you MUST never do at a party or social gathering if you plan on winning people over – Most people screw this one up every single time.
  • A simple little trick that instantly creates rapport and makes you stand out in the eyes of others so you can easily get their attention.
  • The key to developing leadership status among a crowd of people rather than just another follower that no takes seriously.
  • My 3 step process for figuring out how an alliance can help you and how to start building your network.
  • Five proven ways to becoming more confident and persuasive in social situations.
  • Six things you should NEVER do in a networking situation if you plan on building a powerful list of alliances.
  • My 3 step process for transforming any average person into someone that others a drawn to and intrigued by.
  • My ten point strategy for becoming a recognized expert in whatever field you choose.
  • The Cycle of Persuasion – which includes the same techniques used by FBI and hostage negotiators – to build empathy, reducing conflict and reaching a desired solution.
  • “Brain Mechanics” and how understanding them will give you an automatic advantage over the average person making it easier to build your alliance.
  • How to prevent an “amygdala hijack” and deal with angry, fearful or resistant people when trying to persuade them to your way of thinking.
  • Six simple (but super effective) techniques for making other people feel open and trustful toward you.
  • How to get your emotions under control in any situation so that you’re always able to effectively lead and persuade others.
  • How to get your point across to people without offending them – even if you are unhappy with their performance.
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