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Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered how some speakers, influencers, CEOs, or thought leaders are able to get your attention, hold on to it, and then get you to take action? 

Do you ever think about how some people are able to make decisions so many people beg to follow?

They have a secret you're missing.  

It's Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP for short.

NLP was developed by Richard Bandler & John Grinder in the 70's and has since served as the "blueprint to the human mind".

It's the same system that Anthony Robbins uses to get high level athletes and superstars to perform at an even higher level.

It works because it puts our thoughts and behaviors into simple terms.

It helps us understand why people think the way they do and do the things they do.

This is extremely valuable when it comes to persuasion.

Because once you understand how people think or why they make certain decisions you can alter your persuasion tactics so they work more effectively.

It's like having...
The Ultimate Set of Cheat Codes To 
Persuade The Human Mind
Imagine this for a moment..

You need to persuade someone to do something.

Doesn't matter what it is.

Could be to give you a job.

Could be to promote you.

Could be to go out on a date with you.

Well what if you knew exactly what made this person "tick"?

In other words, what if you could quickly identify their thoughts, beliefs and decision making process?

And even better, what if you knew - based on that information - exactly what to say and how to say it in order to get them to say "yes"?

Well that's exactly what NLP gives you.

It's like having the ultimate set of cheat codes to the human brain.

The truth is you can do lots of stuff with NLP.

You can use it to coach and lead people.

It even has use in therapeutic settings.

Going back to Tony's what he uses to get people to do super-human type stuff.

In short it works like this.

Beliefs drive thoughts.

Thoughts drive decisions.

Decisions drive behavior.

And behaviors drive results.

So simply put if you want to change a result, you change the behavior.

If you want to change the behavior, you change the decision.

If you want to change the decision you change the thoughts.

And to change the thoughts you must get to the believe system.

NLP helps you understand how all this stuff works.
Let Me Be Honest With You..
Look, I'm no NLP Practitioner.

(Although I've actually consulted with many and helped them build their sphere's of influence).

What I am is a researcher and crusader of sorts.

A crusader of what works when it comes to persuasion and influence.

It's what I've dedicated the past 20 years of my life to.

So while I respect and appreciate what NLP can do in terms of personal development, my only concern is how it can be used as a persuasion tool.

So what I did was take all the years of research and study on the topic of NLP and created a persuasion system out of it.

I call it Stealth NLP because it's not a self help NLP training.

It's a covert persuasion system that uses NLP techniques and strategies.

For many years I reserved it for my private clients who pay me thousands of dollars per month.

But now I've decided to temporarily release it to a few people as a "litmus test" of sorts.

Basically I want to release a limited number of digital copies at an extremely low price in exchange for some feedback on how the system helped you.

You can use this training system to:
  • "Sell" (your ideas, products, concepts & more)
  •  Create Compliance at Work, at Home, or in Relationships
  •  Embrace NLP to Influence Decision Makers
The Stealth NLP Training System
Here's What You Will Learn:
  • The Mind Maps of The World and how you can use them as a a guide to understand how people see the world differently.
  • The Feedback Mechanism and how you can use it to instantly understand what someone else is thinking so you can alter your approach if necessary
  • The Behavior Gauge and how you can use it to understand what someone's gestures and actions say about what they're thinking.
  •  The Emotional Gauge and how you can use it to understand what someone is feeling so you can trigger the desired emotion that makes them comply.
  •  The Art of Subconscious Direction and how you can use it to direct the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of others.
  •   Simple Substitutions and how you can use them lower resistance through switching and deletion. 
  •   The Third Position and how you can use to make your subject come up with   the solution to a problem so they feel as though they've won.
  •   Strategic Agreement and how you can use it to create consistent rapport   when communicating with others.
  •  Hypnotic Intrusion and how you can use it to reduce resistance by interrupting the subject’s thought train and creating an "acceptance gap".
  •  The Angle Adjustment Technique which shows you how to present a viewpoint that utilizes the subject’s context and logic but only to the extent that it benefits the speaker (you).
  • ​Three proven ways to increase your confidence in your persuasive ability.
  •  The Harmony Machine and how you can use it to create an instant connection with even the most difficult people.
  • ​How to use  Away/Toward Mindsets to understand the best way to position an argument or presentation to your subject.
  • ​ A super effective way to gain rapid commitments from others without appearing awkward or pushy.
  • ​The secret to "decoding" your subject's speech to determine what really motivates them.
  •  An Advanced Future Pacing Technique which instantly makes your subject desire what you're offering to them.
  • The Closing to Initiate NLP Language Pattern and how you can use it to seal the deal when making a proposal of any kind to your subject.
  •   The Reversing Representations  NLP Language Pattern and how you can use move a resistant subject out of the negative zone and transfer them to your positive zone.
  •  Question States and how you can use them to move an unwilling subject to a more positive state so they become more "persuadable".
  •  My Unique 5 Phase Process for selling anything to anyone using NLP.
  •   Fast-Break Hypnotic Language Patterns that you can start using within minutes of learning them to hypnotically induce anyone to act or comply.
  • Linked Quantifiers and how you can use them to create similarities between unrelated ideas to reduce resistance.
  • The Art of The Complete State Change & how you can use it to create distractions and trance states which make your subject more persuadable.
  • Embedded Directives and how you can use them to condition the subject to think in a particular manner over a period of time and over a series of interactions.
Here's the deal.

This course isn't even available to the general public yet.

No one (except my inner circle) knows it even exists.

I plan on releasing it next week at the list price of $117 but before I do, I wanna give you a chance to get it at 70% off.

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*Special Fast Action Bonus Package*
  • The Instant Mind Shift and how you can use it to direct your subject's thoughts to where you want them.
  •   Agreement Frames and how you can use them to create rapport and harmony.
  • Yes Sets and how you can use them to condition your subject to agree with you.
  • Perceptual Positions and how you can use them to peek into your subject's mind.
  • Strategic Uses for “But” and “And” and how you can use them to elegantly disagree with people.
($27 Value)
  • The 4 "Areas of Control" that determine your ability (and the time it will take) to persuade your 'target' to comply with your demands..
  •   Where 95% of decisions are made... and... you'll see firsthand how to leverage this information to overcome "Persuasion Resistance"...
  • The cornerstone "4 Step Hypnosis Process" that you can use starting TODAY just by following these step-by-step instructions...
  • The ONE THING you must avoid when applying these 'Black Op' Rapid Compliance Techniques... IGNORE THIS ADVICE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  • The 3 "Covert Hypnosis" tactics I personally use every day to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each year simply by forcing compliance from my customers, prospects, and complete strangers... 
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  • Provided Instructional Texts: 5 Complete guidebooks, detailing essential NLP techniques and highlighting, in practice, case study examples you can copy and apply to gain compliance from subjects.
  • Complete Guided Instruction: Follow along step-by-step as you learn to apply NLP in presentations, every day conversation, sales situations, and even therapeutic settings. 
  •  Real Life Examples: Each text will present new situations and circumstances where you can use NLP to reduce resistance and create conversational outcomes you decide.
  •  Free Bonus #1: NLP Hypnosis Teleseminar ($67 value)
  •  Free Bonus #2: Black Ops Compliance Techniques ($27 value)
List Price $117 
Today's Introductory Price  Only $27
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