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Dear Friend,

If you've ever wanted something from someone else and didn't get it then take five minutes to read this letter.

Because what I'm about to share with you is a bulletproof negotiation formula that sets you up for victory every time you find yourself competing with someone else to get something from them.

This formula works perfect for:

  • Getting the best deal possible when buying anything
  • Getting the best salary package that you're company has to offer
  • Getting your significant other to agree to what you want
  • Getting a co-worker to cover some extra shifts for you
  • Getting people to do what you're asking of them during a negotiation
Remember the last time you went to purchase a car.

It's likely that the salesperson played some sort of game with you.

First he tells you the price of the car.

Then you tell him it's not in your budget.

So he goes and talks to the manager to "see what he can do."

And next thing you know you find yourself in a negotiation battle with the salesperson, the manager and whoever else is on their team.

They tell you that this is the last model that they have with the options that you're looking for.

They throw in free oil changes.

They give you 15,000 miles instead of 12.

Maybe the waive your down payment.

Back and forth...back and forth until finally you sign the papers and buy the car.

You feel good.

You did what you needed to do to get the best deal possible.

A month later you see an ad for the same car, with the same options for $100 less per month and you realize once again YOU GOT RIPPED OFF!

You try to justify it to yourself by saying that you got the free oil changes or the extra miles.

But deep down you feel like you got duped.
We All Want Things From Other People
Truth be told the salesperson that ripped you off doesn't even feel bad about it.

In fact, he doesn't even think he did anything wrong.

He thinks he's just doing his job and providing for his family.

See here's the thing.

We ALL want things from other people.

You want a good deal on a car.

He wants a big commissions check so he can save for his son's education.

You believe your demands are justified and so does he.

And so the game begins..

Deep within, people are wired for survival. Period.

So any time you try to enter into an agreement with someone for something (no matter how friendly or nice they may seem), they can’t help but think that you are somehow taking something away from them.

It’s as if you’re depleting their resources.

And they can’t help but want to protect what they feel is rightfully theirs.

That usually means that “you lose” in some way.

There’s no point in trying to figure it out.

Nature is funny sometimes.

The key is to work with it rather than trying to change it.

Once you know how to work it to your advantage the game completely changes.

It’s like having a license to basically get whatever you want from the other party without them ever getting the best of you.
If You Don’t Know How To Really Negotiate You’re Probably Losing Out

The single biggest skill that I’ve developed for myself is learning how to really negotiate.

I’m not talking about “bubble gum bargaining” either.

I’m talking about the same secrets that power figures of the world use to always get what they want in life, control high level negotiations and basically make the opposing party willingly submit to their demands.

In fact, if I somehow lost all my memory of everything I ever studied when it comes to this influence & persuasion stuff with the exception of my negotiation skills, Id still be just fine.

Know why?

Because I’d still know how to:

  • Never be out talked, outwitted or outmaneuvered by anyone
  • Dominate every single social interaction (without seeming bossy or rude)
  • Never be taken for a ride under any circumstances
  • Have people respect my opinion so much that they don’t even dare to argue with me
And Here’s The Big Secret

As my grandfather used to say “it ain’t that hard.”

You just have to know that you’re doing.

Ever lock your keys in your car?

You call the locksmith and pay him $100 for something that takes him 20 seconds to do.

And every time you do sucks.

Point is…something doesn’t have to be hard for it to work effectively. It just has to be correct.
What If I Instantly Handed You A

A while back, I put together a negotiation formula for a high paying client’s team to use when they needed to close big deals.

I never really sold it, with the exception of a few “hidden” offers like the one you’re seeing now.

Many of the people who were lucky enough to get it have told me it’s the best information of it’s kind …anywhere.

It’s Called Maverick Negotiation
And Here’s Why You Want It

Maverick Negotiation is perfect for you because it literally takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to use my simple formula to easily (and quickly) make anyone willingly submit to your demands.

It walks you through the same systematic approach to negotiation that I use every single time I find myself in one.

And it can be used for hardcore negotiations as well as simple disagreements.

Here's What You Will Learn:
  • The two things every negotiator must know before he/she even dares to enter into a bargain battle with anyone
  • A glimpse into the same techniques that the US Government used to get the Mexican Government to hand over 50 million dollars in the 1980’s
  • The same strategy that former US President George Bush used to remove Saddam Hussein from Kuwait
  • How to avoid the most common error that rookie negotiators make (this will begin setting you up to become a master)
  • How to deal with power player negotiators that have more knowledge than you on a particular subject
  •  How to transfer the excellence that one person has achieved to another person (including yourself)
  • The key to protecting yourself from ever settling for less than you really want in any negotiation
  •  A special tool that allows you to disagree with people (this is just the reality of life) without losing their trust or cooperation
  • The secret to creating the “deal they can’t resist” so you don’t have to resort to force or brute tactics to get what you want
  • An approach to negotiating championed by Bill Gates and other high power people in the world
  • A key technique to the way you make your requests that completely shifts the odds into your favor
  • A strategy that is so simple yet so effective that it has actually been used by power negotiators around the world for decades
  • A simple principle that ensures you NEVER come out on the losing end of any negotiation
  • The key to effectively “recoiling” from an offer without losing the other party
  • Five visual cues that solidify your position as power negotiator so people never think of taking advantage of you
  • The number thing that novice negotiators do (which cause them to lose every single time) and how to avoid it do you always maintain your positional control
  • The fatal mistake that almost every “wanna be” negotiator makes and how to avoid it
  • How to deal with outlandish offers while still staying strong and “in the game”
  • What to do when the other party opens up with a ridiculous offer without losing the entire negotiation
  • The same secret that Donald Trump used to outmaneuver anyone and everyone he negotiates with to male them willingly submit
  • The secret to creating the “deal they can’t resist” so you don’t have to resort to force or brute tactics to get what you want
  • The secret mind trick that causes the other party to basically beg you to accept their offer
  • The “Grip & Release” technique and how you can use it to get people who don’t really even want you have burning with desire to attain it
  • A time tested but often overlooked negotiation strategy that buys you time when you need to think about an offer
  • How to deal with a adversary who is stalling about making a decision without losing your position
  • The same negotiation strategy that the Red Cross used to free three hostages from a rebel group with ZERO cash
  •  And much, much more!
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Our 1 YEAR (365 days) 100% Money Back Guarantee
Go ahead and grab your digital copy of Maverick Negotiation and dive right into the powerful tactics. If you can’t apply it to your particular life situations, I’ll give you a FULL refund and you can keep it anyway…no questions asked.
You Can Literally Get People To Give You What You Want Without Cheating Them Or Causing Them To Resent You

One of the common misconceptions about negotiation is that it’s born in you.

You either have the ability to do it or you don’t.


Another misconception is that you have to be some hard nosed scoundrel who everyone hates to be a good negotiator.

Even more NONSENSE.

Believe it or not, I’m the most”non-confrontational” person you could ever meet.

I hate arguing and everything associated with it.

That’s why I wanted to see if there was a way to become a power negotiator without being a tyrant or “serial arguer”.

I recently negotiated a deal worth thousands of dollars that literally saved me 1/2 of what I would have paid had I kept my mouth shut.

I did the same thing with my house, my car, my watch, my business deals and just about anything else that involves me paying for something either through money or time.

Over the years I’ve probably saved years of time and tens of thousands of dollars simply because I know how to get what I want without being out maneuvered while still making the other party feel good about what took place.

And that’s where the real magic happens.

It’s The Formula That Makes It Work..Not How Smart, Confident, Witty Or Confrontational You Are
And as complicated as it may sound, the information is actually really easy to implement.

I’ll show you the formula in Maverick Negotiation and walk you through the entire process by hand.

Look, if you have an IQ above ten and can speak and understand the English language this program can turn you into a negotiating warlord.

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Paul Mascetta
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