"Learn To Instantly Spot A Liar And Pull The Truth Out of Them Using The Same Code That The FBI, CIA And High Ranking Military Officials Use To Detect Deception..."
Paul Mascetta, 
Founder Influence Academy
Learn How To Easily And Automatically Read The Mind Of Anyone In Seconds So You're Never Mislead, Manipulated Or Mistreated
Dear Friend,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but according to the grim but very real statistics, you’ve been lied to more times than you you’d like to think.

Today alone you were probably lied to at least 7 times.

Deception has been around for centuries. In fact, it’s probably the most trusted strategy in war and combat.

The problem is that because deception has been a “go to” resource for so many years the human mind has now gotten so used to doing it that it seems normal.

This becomes a serious issue when the people around you are not being honest in their communications and relationships with you.
  • It causes you to make mistakes.
  • It sets you up for failure and disappointment.
  • It gives you a false sense of security.
  •  It prevents you from having any kind of influential power because you’re being manipulated
It’s just plain bad.
If You Don’t Know How To Really Detect Deception You’re Setting Yourself Up For Disaster

There’s NOTHING good about being deceived.

I realized this years ago when I was studying influence, persuasion and the human psyche.

After completely dominating sales in multiple markets and seeing first hand how the mind of a person can be moved from a “no” to a “yes, where do I sign and do you take credit cards?” by simply knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it I started diving deep into the subject of psychology.

I wanted to see what all the “decorated” professionals had to say about how the mind works.

I was instantly fascinated and what I learned. Then I was greatly disappointed.


Because the high ranking psychologists from Cambridge who made these huge contributions to the world of psychology had NEVER been in the shark infested waters that I found myself in on the streets of New York City.

They never had to deal with a customer who outright tells you to “get lost”.

They never found themselves face to face with a hostile prospect who is trying everything he can to get you to give away the house for free .

They never had to elegantly and craft-fully figure out a way to close the deal and make the customer the feel good without giving in to his outlandish demands.

That’s when I started developing this thing called “Maverick Influence”.

Maverick Influence is a street smart approach to traditional psychological compliance gaining.

In other words, it’s blend of everything I’ve learned about the human psyche in textbooks, journals and immersion of study with everything that I’ve learned works in real life situations.

One of the very first exposures to harsh reality that I had when I was trying to execute what I’ve learned in live situations was that it all means nothing if someone is not being honest with you.
HARSH TRUTH – You Remain Powerless Against Someone Who Is Deceiving You
To put it simply, it’s virtually impossible to influence or persuade someone who is not being honest with you.

Here’s a an example.

One of the first steps in gaining compliance from someone is getting into their head.

And one of the most the effective ways to do that is to ask questions.

But if you’re basing your next steps on the answers to those questions and those answers aren’t true, your whole strategy is ruined.

The same is true in personal relationships.

You generate your idea of what your relationships to others means based on what you see and hear from them.

But what if it’s all BS?

Or what if their words or actions are really based on an ulterior motive that you don’t know about?

That’s when I realized that any strategy of influence or persuasion that didn’t involve detecting deception would be immensely flawed.

How would you like me to save you years of trying to figure this out and just hand you..
The Same Code Used By The FBI, CIA And Similar Factions To Detect Deception?
Here’s how I found it.

I didn’t waste any time.

I went straight to the most reliable sources of deception detection that exists.

I begin intensely researching the same strategies and techniques that high ranking military officials and agencies like the FBI & CIA use to gain first hand access into the mind’s of others so they can instantly tell when someone is lying or being deceptive.

I then put everything I learned together in a way that is so easy to understand and implement that a 5th grader could do it with his eyes closed.

I’ve been using it for years to read people like books and it works like crazy.

And now I want to let you in on it.

The Deception Code is a five step process that gives you a close to 95% accuracy rate in detecting deception.

It’s really as good as good gets because having the ability to see through people’s nonsense will give you a super-human advantage in life.

If these tactics are good enough or the organizations I mentioned above, think about what they can do for you.
Here’s What You Will Discover:
  • The truth about lying and deception and why it’s running ramped in our society
  • What forms of communication elicit the most amount of deception (phone, email or in person)
  • The different kinds of lies people tell and why so you understand how to spot them easier
  •  The top ten myths about lying and why you are probably mistakenly believing all of them right now
  •  The two main governing motives that any liar always has when being deceptive - This makes "lie spotting" much easier
  • The elements that make up a lie and why knowing them will help you spot them faster and easier
  •  The top three signals you should pay attention when you begin to suspect deception from someone
  •  A sneaky reverse psychology technique called “gaslighting” that master manipulators use to turn the tables on you when they are lying
  •  The exact 6 stages that a master manipulator goes through when taking advantage of someone - You'll be surprised at how many you've come across before without realizing it
  •  The key strategy to making a deceptive person feel comfortable around you so you can accurately begin to read them
  •  A simple technique used by hostage negotiators that instantly gets people to open up to you
  •  A super sneaky technique that completely catches a liar of guard and begins putting you in control
  •  The three types of questions you can use to pull information out of people and when you should use them
  •  The corner stone strategy that will separate this program from all other mind reading programs on the market
  •  How to read a person’s emotions based on their vocal tone
  •  The same speech analysis formula used by the Secret Service and how you can use it to read a person’s mind while they speak
  •  A key giveaway in how a person tells you a story that instantly indicates deception
  •  A key giveaway in how a person tells you a story that instantly indicates deception
  •  How you spot a liar based on the tenses they use when recounting a story
  •  The main difference between how a truthful person speaks versus a liar
  •  Eight phrases liars love to use and how you can begin pinning them out the moment you hear one
  •  Verbal deception signals that a liar will use without realizing it
  •  A trick that many deceptive people use to fool innocent people (customs agents are specially trained to watch for this trick)
  •  The one word that almost every liar deletes from his vocabulary when telling a false story
  •  Euphemisms and how to instantly spot a liar who uses this kind of distancing language when being deceptive
  •  The 2 types of denial that exist and how to use both as a reference to detect deception
  •  How to analyze the micro-expressions that are universally hard wired into every human being to tell what a person is thinking (these cannot be faked)
  •  Five non verbal wild cards that can cause you to incorrectly read someone (this is very important)
  •  The seven basic emotions in every human and how to identify when they are leaking out of someone even when they try to hide them
  •  How to tell when someone is being genuine based on the timing of their language and body gestures
  •  The same interrogation techniques that high ranking agencies use to elicit the truth out of even the most polished liars
  •  Baiting vs bluffing and how use of one over the other can ruin your whole deception detection strategy
  •  How to tell if someone is being truthful by simply looking at the way they draw
  •  Advanced reading and interrogation techniques that causes liars to slip up and tell the truth
  •  And much much more!
You Can Literally Become A Human Lie Detector And Know Instantly Whether Or Not 
A Person Can Be Trusted
The statistics are scary.

In fact, in one seminar I watched a deception expert stated that the person to right and left of each person in the audience was a liar. That’s what the statistics showed.

You need to be one step ahead of the game and know exactly what type of person you’re dealing wit hat all times so there are no surprises.

Had I not gotten my hands on this information I would be wasting years of my life trying to build relationships with the wrongs kinds of people.

I would be chasing the wrong kinds of opportunities.

I would be completely in the dark about a lot of things.

And so will you if you don’t arm yourself with this knowledge.

And the best part is…
This Is A Rock Solid Formula That Has Been Time Tested And Proven to Work Even In The Most Intense Environments And Extreme Conditions
That’s right.

I’ve eliminated all the guess work.

This formula is about as reliable and cut and dry as math.

Two plus two equals four.

Always has and always will.

Same thing applies here.

The techniques are based on the science of how the human mind works and how you can detect the uncontrollable signals that a deceiving person showcases no matter how hard they try not to.

To the untrained eye, they can get away with murder. In some cases literally.

This code will give you the trained eye to spot BS from a mile away.
Here’s How To Get The Deception Code
I'll be honest.

My private coaching clients used to pay big bucks for this formula.

It's not hard to understand why.

The formula let's you know exactly where you REALLY stand with other people.

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