Top Secret: How To Control The Thoughts & Behaviors of Others During Everyday Conversation Using A Highly Classified Form of Hypnotic Language
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Dear Friend,

If you've ever wanted to discover the secret to influence, persuade and gain compliance from others without being pushy, manipulative or coercive and have them feel good about it.

Then this may be the most important letter you ever read.

So whether you're a:
  • Salesperson who needs to increase your sales…
  •  Coach or consultant who needs to persuade your clients more effectively… 
  •  Public speaker who wants to learn how to captivate and influence audiences on a mass level…
  •  Parent who needs an unruly child to start listening…
  •  Or simply someone who wants to learn how to get others to do what you want without dealing with resistance or combativeness…
Then you'll want to read this important letter.

Because on this page you will discover the six pillars of hypnotic language and how you can use them to hypnotically persuade anyone in virtually situation.

More about that in a second...

Before we move on, let me ask you..

Have you ever needed to persuade someone but they just kept resisting?

Like no matter what you tried they just kept saying no?

Even when what you're asking them could benefit them immensely?
People Are Psychologically Hard Wired To Resist Persuasion
I learned this the hard way when I was in sales years ago.

You see every time your subject suspects that you’re trying to “sell” them on something it’s like a siren goes off in their mind.

Sometimes it happens consciously and other times it happens subconsciously but it happens.

This is a natural defense mechanism that dates back to primitive times where as a species we needed to constantly protect our resources.

So when you begin the processes of influence, persuasion or selling your subject starts thinking things like..

“What are they really after?”

“What’s their motive?”

“What’s in it for them?”

“How much (time or money) is this gonna cost me?

This is what we call RESISTANCE.

It’s a dirty word.

I wish it didn’t exist.

But the fact is that it does and it’s not going anywhere.

And it’s exactly what I was dealing with when trying to become a “good salesman”.

The very techniques designed to help me were hurting me.

And it all has to do with something called direct influence.

Anytime you attempt to directly influence someone they resist you even more.

Sales is a tough industry, unless, you are part of the super-elite salespeople who basically write their own paychecks.

The only checks I was writing were to pay bills, and most of the time they bounced.

I was an average sales-person at best.

And the only time my paychecks were somewhat decent was when I worked 75 to 80 hours a week (which is like having two jobs).

Long story short, my girlfriend and I were living up in a 2 room basement apartment with mice everywhere and a baby on the way.

The bathroom was so small that I had to step outside of it to dry myself after a shower.

My bank account was negative $102 from all the overdrafts and I was eating tuna out of the can on a daily basis.

At one point, we actually used cash advances from credit cards to pay the rent.

As you can imagine, at that rate not only was I broke, but I was also knee deep in debt.

I decided I needed to make a change very quickly or else I would just keep sinking.
How I Stumbled Upon These Master Level Compliance Techniques
I started searching for as many self-improvement resources as I could get my hands on as well as sales books so that I could further develop my craft.

Day in and day out, I sacrificed as much sleep as I could and used that time to download information to my mind.

One day a friend of mine gave some hypnosis cd’s that were designed to help me become a better communicator.

Honestly I thought it was a bunch of crap so I put them to side for a while.

I thought hypnosis was complete BS.

People on stage being put into a trance and clucking like chickens?

Come on…gimme a break.

So I kept on trucking….

Reading sales book after sales book.

Learning technique after technique.

But I kept running into an issue.

Every time I would try a sales technique on someone it would seem to backfire causing the prospect to get annoyed and leave.

And it felt very un-natural.

So instead I would resort back to my default mannerism of just being a nice guy and keeping things conversational.

And while that worked better than trying to use hardcore sales techniques it still wasn’t good enough because people were walking out the door without buying anything.

I was missing that magic element that brings the technique together with the conversational tone.

As I started reading and learning more about communication strategies I came across NLP.

I quickly learned that Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder (the creators of NLP) built the world-renowned Milton Model of communication based on when they observed the “almost magical” communication powers of a hypnotherapist named Dr. Milton Erickson.
Erickson is known as the “father of modern hypnotherapy” and was arguably the most persuasive man in history.

Funny thing is he wasn’t born a “master of persuasion”.

He actually contracted the skill of persuasion as a result of falling very ill.

You see, at the age of 17 he contracted Polio.

He was so paralyzed that he was almost entirely crippled and couldn't even speak.

Lying in bed for months on end, his mind began to work overtime.

He noticed the significance of nonverbal communication among his family members and the physicians who attended to his care.

He studied body language, the tone of each person’s voice, and the contrast between verbal and nonverbal expression.

In addition to these insights, he also began to have “body memories” of the muscle movements he used to make when he could walk.

As he concentrated on these memories, he began to slowly recover the use of his upper body so he could talk and use his arms again.

He gave himself a super-human goal.

He planned a daring 1,000- mile canoe trip to build up his arm and leg muscles once again.

His adventure was exciting and challenging and when he came back, he was able to walk again with the use of a cane.

He used self-hypnosis throughout his life to enable him to beat back the pain and lack of mobility associated with his life-threatening bout with polio.

Over a career spanning 50 years he researched the connection between hypnosis and suggestion.

Erickson was an innovative thinker, he developed theories that were radically different from the hypnotic techniques used by the psychoanalysts of his time.

Unlike a session where the subject lies on a couch in a passive state while the hypnotist takes him or her into the trance of hypnosis and then offers suggestions..

An Ericksonian session would have emphasized the conversation, interaction, and rapport between patient and subject.

He used the patterns of conversational hypnosis that he developed to help his patients tap into the resources of their own unconscious minds to uncover the tools they needed for change.
The Real Secret To Effortless Persuasion
When you can help the subject, client, customer, friend, family member or whoever else find the resources and power within themselves to take the actions they need to take to improve their lives…

You become the hero.

But first you have persuade them to take action or think differently.

And the challenge is that people are organically wired to resist any kind of change, influence or persuasion.

You see, Erickson was very aware of that dirty word resistance.

And he knew that most people were naturally resistant by design.

And he also knew that someone could not be hypnotized unless they lowered their resistance.

So his main goal above all was lower the resistance of the subject before he attempted to hypnotize them.

You see where 'classical' hypnosis is authoritative and direct, and often encounters resistance in the subject, Erickson's approach was accommodating and indirect.

For example, where a classical hypnotist might say "you are going into a trance", Erickson would say something like "you can comfortably learn how to go into a trance".

In this way, he provided an opportunity for the subject to accept the suggestions they are most comfortable with, at their own pace, and with an awareness of the benefits.

The subject knows they are not being hustled, and takes full ownership of, and participation in their transformation.

And just like that…mission accomplished!

Erickson reduced the resistance, got the client to comply and as result became the client’s hero.

This fascinated me.

I began reading anything and everything that I could get my hands on that related to Milton Erickson and his work.

As studied his communication strategies I realized that all those thoughts I had conjured up in my mind about trance were dead wrong.

Trance is nothing more than a heightened state of awareness.

And all people (including you and I) are entering trance states every single day.

Erickson was able to use this to his advantage by using an indirect approach to influence.

He would distract the conscious mind by using something called “artfully vague” language and was able to influence his clients on a subconscious level with ZERO resistance.

How I Gained The Unfair 
Persuasion Advantage
(And How You Can Do The Exact Same Thing)
That’s when I decided to give those hypnosis recordings a chance and eventually I started seeing the benefits of listening to them.

I was becoming more confident.

I was able to access more resources within myself and eventually became the second top selling salesman...behind only one guy...we'll call him Steve.

The funny thing is that I was much more of a "people person" than he was.

He was pushy and would resort to “hard closing” people when he needed to.

Yet still he seemed to beat me every month.

Then one day my boss sat me down and he said "Paul, you know you're a better sales person than he is right?"

"Yeah I guess so" I replied "but he always seems to beat me".

"He beats you because he makes more presentations than you do" he said.

You see, to a degree sales is a numbers game.

The more people you present to, the more chances to sell, the higher your chances of making a sale.

More appointments = more sales.

I figured out that my biggest obstacle was that I wasn't setting enough appointments.

And because of that I wasn't making as many presentations as he was.

I quickly realized that he was using something right out of Erickson's bag of tricks called The Double Bind Pattern.

In its simplest dictionary terms, bind means to enforce a certain kind of responsibility to someone.

In linguistics, a bind is where a statement is made to trigger a corresponding action, a simple pattern of source-and-effect.

Binds typically create an illusion of choice by the use of words that normally suggest an option or a choice, where either option a receiver chooses will still go along with what the speaker wants.

The Double Bind pattern is where the listener is offered two choices, choice A and choice B.

In this structure, choice A has the same meaning as choice B, only phrased in a different way.

Here’s an example: “Would you like us to set an appointment now or should we just mark a specific time when we can meet?”

Choice A is “set an appointment now” and choice B is “mark a specific time when we can meet.”

Both phrases mean the same thing, only worded in a different manner.

In the example, the choices given to your listener is between an appointment now and an appointment scheduled probably tomorrow, which is not a big difference at all.

Once I started using this pattern I was able to triple the amount of appointments I booked and then I beat Steve and became the number one sales person.

Then I discovered the power of the Metaphor and how you can use it to open someone’s mind to a new point of view.

Then Tag Questions...

Then the Universal Quantifier...

So naturally I became curious to see how many more of these patterns I could put to work and how I could apply them to all areas of my life not just selling.

And I found tons.

The problem was that since I wasn’t planning on using these techniques in a therapeutic setting like Erickson did… I needed to figure out how to organize them in such a way that they could be used in the situations that I needed them for like..
  • Sales presentations…
  • Public speeches…
  • Social events..
  •  Business meetings…
  •  Or in everyday conversations…
The Secret Six Types of Hypnotic Language Patterns That Enable You To Persuade 
In Virtually Any Situation
Pay attention because this is super-important.

So far, we've learned that people are hard wired to resist persuasion (you and I included).

We also learned that we can easily bypass this resistance by using the same hypnotic language patterns that the "Father of Modern Hypnotherapy" used to create change in even the most resistant people.

But here's where things get tricky.

Knowing how hypnotic language works is one thing.

Knowing hypnotic language patterns takes things up a level.

But knowing which patterns to use in each situation is the holy grail.

Imagine knowing exactly which pattern to use in any situation.

And imagine having an actual "template" of sorts to follow.

How much easier and more effective could hypnotic language be?

That's the question I asked myself in 2007 when I started studyting this stuff.

As I began my mission I was able to identify six crucial areas of communication that we all find ourselves in at any given time when trying to persuade someone.

I call it The Hypnotic Hexagon.
In other words almost every single situation that involves persuading someone else can be filed under one or more of these 6 categories.

Once I figured this out I begin categorizing all of Erickson’s Hypnotic Language Patterns accordingly.

I created a framework that I could use to apply Erickson’s techniques to everyday life.

After years of using it to influence, persuade, sell and communicate I decided to work with my team to transform it into a dead simple, easy to understand training course.

This course is designed to shrink the 10 year learning curve that I experienced into just 2 weeks time so you can master the art of hypnotic language within 14 days.

Hypnotic Language Bootcamp
Here's What You Get
  • 20 audio modules and a PDF of techniques, strategies, and hypnotic guidance you can immediately apply with clients, at work, or in every day conversations…
  • A complete history of hypnotic language research including detailed analysis of what works, sometimes works, and what NEVER works…
  •  Detailed scenarios readily applicable to situations you find yourself in every day (use hypnotic language and watch more interactions turn in your favor)…
  •  100+ simple psychological hacks you’ll easily apply to increase the effectiveness of any persuasive situation, argument, confrontation, conversion, performance, and more…
  •  All-inclusive “just follow this” hypnotic blueprints including the “what, why, and how it works” elements of hypnotic language…
Here's What You'll Learn
  • Easily-applied advice you can use to enhance hypnotic practice with clients, master the art of argument, increase influence, or develop what some people call “natural leadership” (HINT: “natural leaders” really use subconscious cues to guide people)…
  • The key to unlocking, influencing, and guiding the unconscious mind. Discover multiple perspectives, approaches, research-backed ideas, and real-world tested prompts proven to create trance states through language…
  •  Step-by-step, copy and paste instructions show you how to guide a subject into trance state, influence their subconscious mind, and complete the entire hypnotic process without them ever knowing it…
  •  A better understanding of the world of sales, marketing, persuasion and more. After you’ve read each of the 20 guided chapters, completed the included exercises, and followed real-world examples, you’ll understand how hypnotic language impacts your life every day…
  •  Methods you’ll use daily to convince absolutely anyone, help more people understand your perspective, and encourage others to follow you…
Here’s What You Won't Find Anywhere Else (Unless You're A Decorated Hypnotherapist or NLP Master Trainer)
  • 54+ subtle, transformative, and mind-altering tools politicians, leaders, and speakers have used to sway your opinion, convince you to act, and believe the entire time it was all your idea…
  • Step-by-step hypnotic language instructions and the only guide you’ll ever need to choosing the language that leaves people begging to listen, follow, and feel the way you want them to…
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  •  Why one mind control trick Ancient Egyptians used in 2600 BC still works today and how you can harness two simple word tricks to easily dictate the actions of practically any audience…
  •  Observation & Trance State – Develop key psychological understanding paramount for the lightning-fast analysis of your subject that allows you to immediately choose the approach you’ll use to plant persuasive seeds…
  •  The no-fail facilitation method practically guaranteed to guide a subject of your choice from one frame of mind to another (use this skill wisely because once you master it, you hold the power of the world’s most persuasive people)…
  •  10+ culturally accepted trance state induction techniques commonly practiced by over 90% of people as part of regular societal ritual. Learn how they work, why they work, and how you can leverage them…
  •  15 trance types, states of trance, and elements of focus – Each defined, analyzed, and explained so you can leverage them in every day conversation, during a presentation, and more…
  •  When a handshake is more than a handshake: Turn one of the most common social interactions into a key for unlocking trance state and gaining compliance with nearly any subject…
  •  How to master 100+ Ericksonian language patterns so you can pull them out at absolutely any time. Take advantage of one key memorization technique at the core of hypnotic language use…
  •  5 trance “movement indicators” to look for, from how a subject’s shoulders move to the motion of the eyes…
  •  A “ONE AT A TIME” rule you should never, ever skip. In fact, the minute you scroll down and purchase this hypnotic language guide, you need to skip to chapter 5 (seriously, read this rule first or risk failure with your first subjects)…
  •  YES/NO questioning: Using “truisms” to guide subjects – Find out how you can frame questions in a way that only has two possible answers, simplifying the hypnotic process and guiding a subject more easily…
  •  16 ways to make things seem related, even when they aren’t. Use any of these techniques to create an immediate connection between subjects’ experiences and the point of view or perspective you need them to have…
  •  11 commands, 10 suggestions, and 7 ways to use analogies, metaphors and stories in applied hypnotic practice (you won’t find another nearly complete list of these techniques anywhere else)…
  •  Analysis of 15 Ericksonian language patterns and his “Meta Model” of well-spoken English violations (learn each of these before ever practicing ANY hypnotic method)…
  •  20 "Authority Patterns" that you can use to instantly create the perception of the benevolent leader that others follow, trust and obey.
  •  How to use Metaphors to help you overcome subject resistance and put the subject into a creative frame of mind, just as if he or she were interpreting a poem or song lyrics.
  •  20 "Rapport Patterns" that instantly create a connection between you and your subject so you can influence them with ease.
  •  20 "Negotiation Patterns" that you can fire off any time you need to come out on top.
  •  20 "Resistance Reduction Patterns" you’ll use to overcome the gap between conscious and subconscious understanding (you’ll need to embrace these to guarantee subjects feel like they have all the power)…
  •  20 "Sales Patterns" (many of which you’ve seen before), why they work, and how to utilize them…
  •  20 "Seduction Patterns" that will draw people to you like bees to a hive.
And Here's The Best Part..
You don’t have to be a natural “people person”, born salesman or a communication expert to make these techniques work.

All you have to do is know which approaches work in each situation.

And I've got that all figured out.

All you have to do is "copy and paste" them.

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Paul Mascetta

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